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Itinerant Ministers

Individuals who lead ministries while traveling from place to place or to a group of people not typically recognized as the congregation of a single church.  These leaders may train, equip, mentor, counsel or otherwise lead groups of diverse individuals who call other places their church home. 


This category frequently includes individuals functioning in five-fold ministry styles (though not necessarily rising to the level of a recognized five-fold “office” as described in Ephesians).   Itinerant Ministry members of PMI are expected to financially support PMI in an ongoing and consistent manner, as a means of honoring authority and to ensure funding of PMI’s overall capacity to serve the entire Patria Family. 


Leaders in this category who submit to Patria as their primary covering should consider PMI a proper place for their tithe, however, leader who has a more direct form of covering and accountability (specifically a local church home) should make honoring that commitment a priority and the financial support of PMI should be over and above their tithe to that authority.

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