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Ministerial Restoration Policy

Patria Ministries recognizes that there may come a time when, a leader or overseer who has sinned, before the people and against the Lord, will be placed back into a position of leadership in the Body of Christ, the church.


 We therefore establish this policy among us for the process of restoration to leadership for an elder, leader, or overseer.


A. Restoration from sin. (as outlined and presented in our restoration policy)


            1. Has there been a successful and complete process of restoration?


There needs to be documentation of the restoration process available to those who need or desire to see this documentation


            2. The names of those involved in the restoration and statements from them concerning the     restoration                         process should be included in restoration documentation.


            3. Has there been a long enough period of time for proper healing and restoration to take place?


This will depend on the egregious nature of the sin and the willingness of the individual


B. Recognition by restoration group that the person is walking in restoration.


C. Church Group must also recognize that the person is walking in restoration.


D. Person must be willing to be completely accountable in the area of their life that restoration was necessary.

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