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Emerging Leaders

Individuals who are young in age, spiritual maturity or experience, but who is clearly called to one of the fore-referenced categories of leadership.  These individuals are likely not yet fully prepared to walk out their ministry calling or they are in need of additional support, training and/or encouragement in order to more fully walk it out. 


These leaders may or may not already be engaged in directing the activities of their own ministry.  In many cases, they will be serving in some other church or organization as they prepare to enter into their calling.  Individuals who fit this category will often be highly motivated to serve others, have clear indications of their gifts and calling, frequently (though perhaps informally) influence others in their spiritual journeys, exhibit high levels of character and integrity, be open to failing, learning and growing and/or have experienced some form of “call” to which they are attempting to respond. 


Depending upon their individual circumstances, some leaders in this category may be excused from any financial commitments to PMI, but are still encouraged to give financially in some fashion to support PMI as a means of honoring authority and being good stewards of the resources God has provided.

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