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How to Join the Patria Family

Please review all of the information on this page and its links before choosing the "Apply Now" option below..  You will be asked to affirm that you are in agreement with it when you make your application.

Categories of Membership

Financial Commitments

While Patria Ministries International does not have a required financial commitment to maintain membership, it is good for all members to support the ministry though their financial gifts as a part of their relational commitment.  If an organization or individual is unable to make a regular financial contribution they will not be removed from membership, but they should notify Patria leadership of their circumstances, so that suitable support may be offered, if appropriate.  Suggested financial commitments and our complete giving expectations should be reviewed before making application.

Financial  Expectations

Core Values

Members of Patria will be asked to acknowledge their agreement with our Statement of Faith, along with a number of core values that we hold dear.   The slides that follow present our three(3) primary core values:  The Orbital Model of Leadership, Character Over Giftedness, Servant Leadership.

How Patria Operates

Application Process

Patria is a family of leaders.  Our relationships are built with the leaders themselves and me make connection with organizations or ministries through interaction with a designated representative(s).  If an individual becomes disconnected from the organization they led, their relationship to Patria does not cease.  Patria, itself, is not so much an organization as it is an organism.  This means we do not exercise governmental or denominational type control over our family members.  We are, however, a real family and as such there are elements of accountability, responsibility, covering, direction, support and discipline that are a part of what a person should be prepared to expect when they join.  These elements are based upon a far more significant concept than a governmental model.  They are based upon a relational model. Our friend and mentor, John Paul Jackson, called this the Orbital Model.  We function on the basis of spiritual authority and believe strongly in Spiritual Fathering (for more understanding of this topic see Michael's book - The Elisha Way). 

The first step in the journey to become a part of the Patria family is to build relationship with an existing member of Patria.  This individual(s) will need to be referenced on your "application" form and will need to be able to provide a reference for you.  Next, complete the form entitled "Patria Membership Application" and found here.   As a part of the application process you will be requested to have BOTH a ministry leader or personal friend AND one member of the Patria family (with whom you have built some level of relationship) provide a written or verbal reference.  Upon completion of the "application" you will be contacted by one or more members of the Patria Leadership team.  The purpose of this contact will be both to build some initial relationship with you and to evaluate your leadership and ministry roles as indicated in your written application.  This process may take some time depending upon the level of relationship that already existed with other members of the Patria family.  If your request to join the family is approved you will be added to the website directory, included on the private Patria Discord Server, added to the closed Patria Facebook Page and connected with a member of the Patria Leadership Team to serve as a primary contact and sponsor.  You are highly encouraged to attend the next annual gathering of the Patria Family (called a Patria Family Reunion) and in some cases may be requested to attend prior to final approval of your request. 

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