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Individuals who have devoted themselves to pouring into the lives of individuals or groups from a significantly different geographic area or with a significantly different cultural makeup.  These individuals may serve in a permanent, long term capacity – relocating to the live among those they are serving – or in a consistent, but more temporary, short term capacity – moving in and out among the people they serve. 


This category also includes long term missionaries who have retired from the field.  Patria Missionaries are not directed or controlled by Patria Ministries International, nor are they directly supported financially (though PMI may in some cases serve as a conduit for funds and other resources).  Instead, they are independent missionaries who look to PMI for support, accountability, training and other assistance in the furtherance of their missional goals. 


Patria Missionaries living on site among the people group they are called to serve are excused from any financial commitments to PMI, but are still encouraged to give financially in some fashion to support PMI as a means of honoring authority and being good stewards of the resources God has provided.

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