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Benefits of Patria Membership

There are many benefits available to members of the Patria Ministries International family.  One of the primary and most valuable of those benefits is the opportunity to build relationships with like minded ministry focused individuals from around the world.  The list below highlights a few of the many benefits we believe Patria has to offer, but it by no means intended to be a comprehensive list.  If you have specific questions about the benefits available to you, please contact us.

Benefits Include:

  • Patria Members Network

  • Annual Family Reunion (Association Networking Conference)

  • Statement of Faith

  • International Missions Opportunities

  • Shared Training Resources

  • Relationship Support and Accountability through Assigned Leadership Teams

  • Credentialing/Pastoral Training/Ministry Development

  • Discounted Educational Opportunities through Patria Bible College

  • Non-Profit Legal Consultation and Support

  • Video Chats for Relational Support and Spiritual Growth

  • Intercessory Prayer Video Calls

  • Access to Dispute Resolution and Disciplinary Support

  • Access to an Apostolic Team of Fathers (and Mothers) to Assist in Developing Your Gifts and Callings

  • Special Travel Opportunities with Michael French and other Patria Leaders





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