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Pastoral Staff

Individuals appointed as either a senior leader (i.e., pastor) or other supporting leader (i.e. worship pastor, associate pastor, administrative pastor, ministry board member, internal ministry leader, etc.)  within a group or congregation of individuals, whether that congregation be a formal/traditional church, a less formal group (such as home/house churches) or some other form of congregation. 


Size of the group/congregation is not relevant in most cases.  In a spiritual sense these are the individuals called generally to feed the sheep or to guide a group of people on their spiritual journey.  These individual should not be confused with the five-fold ministry “offices” established by Scripture, though such individuals may be included in this category if they are also established leaders over a set congregation or group identifiable as a church.


Pastoral Staff members of PMI are expected to financially support PMI in an ongoing and consistent manner, as a means of honoring authority and to ensure funding of PMI’s overall capacity to serve the entire Patria Family.  Senior leaders in this category who submit to Patria as their primary covering may consider PMI a proper place for their tithe, however, all supporting leaders and any senior leader who has a more direct form of covering and accountability should make honoring that commitment a priority and the financial support of PMI should be over and above their tithe to that authority.

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