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Marketplace Ministers

Individuals who lead spiritual activities directed toward the secular workplace as opposed to homes, churches or other specialized “itinerant” venues.  This category also includes individuals who are leaders in the marketplace and whose primary ministry is their work/business.  Business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, managers, supervisors, chaplains, and others who are full time in the marketplace, but function as ministers to and in their market are included here.  These marketplace leaders often function as pastors, teachers, evangelists, prophets and apostles to their employees, customers, clients, co-workers, suppliers and the like. 


Marketplace Minister members of PMI are expected to financially support PMI in an ongoing and consistent manner, as a means of honoring authority and to ensure funding of PMI’s overall capacity to serve the entire Patria Family.  Leaders in this category who submit to Patria as their primary covering should consider PMI a proper place for their tithe, however, leader who has a more direct form of covering and accountability (specifically a local church home) should make honoring that commitment a priority and the financial support of PMI should be over and above their tithe to that authority.

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