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Organizational entities devoted to the work of the ministry.  These may take the form of churches, non-profit corporations or even in some cases informal loose associations of individuals who have the consistency of having worked together over a long period of time.


The primary relationship of Patria Ministries International is to individuals, therefor, any organization seeking formal connection to PMI must designate one primary contact person as the organizational representative – this designated contact is not required to maintain individual membership in PMI.  PMI does not control or direct the work of any organization, but rather comes alongside to aide and support it in the furtherance of its missional goals.


Organizations formally connected with PMI are provided with support, accountability, training, conflict resolution and other assistance that furthers their missional goals.  In the interest of providing true support in the realm of conflict resolution, Organizational/Entity members are highly encouraged to sign the “Agreement for Binding Christian Conciliation” provided by PMI. 


Organizational/Entity members of PMI are expected to financially support PMI in an ongoing and consistent manner, as a means of honoring authority and to ensure funding of PMI’s overall capacity to serve the entire Patria Family.

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