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Financial Expectations of Members

The level of financial commitment expected from the members of the Patria family is dependent upon two factors:  1)  Does Patria provide credentialing for the individual through either ordination or licensing? and 2) Which membership category does the member belong to?  Those members who are credentialed by Patria and those who look to Patria as their primary means of covering have a higher level of responsibility for giving to support the ministry. 

While Patria Ministries International does not have a required financial commitment to maintain membership, it is good for all members to support the ministry though their financial gifts as a part of their relational commitment.  If an organization or individual is unable to make a regular financial contribution they will not be removed from membership, but they should notify Patria leadership of their circumstances, so that suitable support may be offered, if appropriate.


Most parents have experienced things such as taking their grown children to dinner and the children expecting the parents to pay.  While this expectation generally does not negatively impact the parent/child relationship, it does indicate a lack of full understanding of the value of the family and it does bring joy to the parents when the children choose to offer their financial support to cover the costs of the nourishment they are receiving.  This family dynamic guides the way Patria views the financial commitments "expected" from our ministry "children".   Please remember that no one will ever loose their relationship to Patria over an issue of donations.

The following Guidelines should be used when determining the level of commitment expected of a member of the Patria Family:

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