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Patria Ordination Application

Applicant Information

Ordination Process

While the local church has the authority and responsibility to ordain individuals for the ministry, Patria Ministries recognizes that there are both times when the local church chooses to defer that process to Patria and circumstances where ordination through a local church body is both impractical and unavailable.  In many cases, submission to the Patria process of Ordination by a member ministry in the Patria family can provide mutual accountability, support and help.  Recognition of ordination by our international fellowship can both strengthen the local ministry and demonstrate mutual relationship. When possible, it is essential that the candidate’s local church pastor be capable of officially recognizing a person who has demonstrated sound character, ministerial giftings and calling into ministry.  If this is not possible, then the candidate will be required to complete a separate form providing a justifiable explanation for why it is not.

The ordination process itself can take up to 1 year form completion of the application form depending upon scheduling availability and any requirements imposed by the Ordaining Presbytery. Typically, the laying on of hands takes place at the annual Patria Family Reunion, but it is possible for other arrangements to be made for this process. 

Applicants for ordination should have voluntarily shown a commitment to the financial support of Patria Ministries during the time they have been connected as un-ordained family members.  Suggested giving is $25.00 per month during the application process and $50.00 per month once ordination has been granted.  Maintaining this level of giving meets all financial requirements for ordination annual ordination renewal.  These financial commitments help Patria Ministries to maintain the proper level of oversight and support that is needed for a legitimate credentialing process.

By completing and signing this application, the applicant confirms that they have read and agree with the following statements of Patria Ministries:  Our Vision, Who We Are, Statement of Faith, Prophetic Protocols, Ordination Qualifications, Ordination Code of Conduct, Ministerial Removal Policy and Ministerial Restoration Policy – copies of which are available in your ordination application packet. 

It is highly recommended that in cases where the applicant anticipates leading a church or ministry organization that they also obtain copies of Patria’s Agreement for Binding Christian Conciliation to be signed by themselves and the church or ministry organization that they will be leading.

Ordained ministers are expected to complete a minimum number of Continuing Ministerial Education hours each year.  These educational requirements can be met in a number of ways, including through Patria Bible College ( full time enrollment is not required).

In order to maintain active accountability and mutual relationship within the Patria family all ordinations expire on an annual basis and are subject to renewal.  So long as an ordained minister is not undergoing active discipline and has maintained all of their commitments renewal is automatic. 

Upon completion and review of your ordination application an oral interview with the Presbytery will be scheduled. 


Are aware of / Have you completed the following requiremnts

Christian Experience

Church Affiliation History

Family Life

Single or Married
Have you are your spouse ever been divorced? (This is informational & not a limitation)

* If you answered single to first qustion above you may skip to the final question of this section.

How supportive of your ministry is your spouse? Check one
To what extent is your spouse involved in ministry? (check one)

Call to Ministry


Ethical Issues

Background Clearances - provide or authorized a State Child Abuse History Certification and/or State Criminal Background Check Certification.  If you have not lived in the sate you are seeking ordination in for at least the last 10 years, provide or authorize an FBI Criminal Background Clearance Certification.

By signing below, I give Patria Ministries International, Inc. permission to obtain background check information and review records of criminal history which I may have, and to obtain and review records I may have that indicate a history of abuse, neglect, threatened harm, or other maltreatment against children and/or adults.  I understand that this information will only be used for consideration of a potential ordination through Patria Ministries International, Inc.

Sample reference letters that provide the information required by Patria Ministries International may be downloaded here prior to clicking on the submit button.

Thank you for submitting your application for ordination. We'll get back to you soon.

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